Easier firewood delivery

We’ve been working on our firewood delivery – up to now it was being craned over our back wall in cages, dragged across the grass on a pallet trolley and thrown through the cellar windows to be stacked.  Quite hard work!  Now we have a ramp dug down to the basement door and wood arriving in trolleys (the ones used for stacking supermarket shelves).  These have been filled with waste wood from a building site which would otherwise have gone to landfill and we’ve got about two years timber lined up in the cellar and down the side ramp.   The boiler is much easier to fill from a trolley right next to it and we’re getting more heat from dry old timber.

I’ve also just added a link to Chorlton Eco Refurb, a local group working on getting more work done to the many houses in this area that need it.