Month: March 2012

Cold cupboard & magnesium boards

We’ve been experimenting with making a “cold cupboard” in the kitchen, like an old fashioned larder.  We did this by building the cupboard against the wall before it was internally insulated and then insulating the frame and doors of the cupboard (using Spacetherm).  During the winter the cupboard has been at 4-10 C depending on the outside temperature and it’s been a good place for jars of jam etc that were previously taking up fridge space as well as vegetables and it’s ideal for beer! The internal shelves have been made from magnesium boards from Econicboard who were really helpful and stock the board in lots of thicknesses.  The advantages are that it is moisture and mould resistant, non hazardous and strong.  It has low thermal conductivity so should help keep each level cold, rather that the bottom of the cupboard ending up coldest.  It’s also fireproof which isn’t that relevant here but it’s useful as a plasterboard replacement.  Although this source is mined rather than waste magnesium oxide, which would have been better, it has a lower embodied energy than plasterboard.  It is however very heavy in large sheets.