Existing Windows

New windows triple glazed in locally made FSC hardwood frames with double seals. All existing windows refurbished with coated double glazed units or secondary glazing to original stained glass.

The windows were almost all original single glazed timber windows except the attic windows which were later replacements already beyond repair. They are sliding sash on the back, opening casement on the front.

IMG_3101 smlWe’ve upgraded the existing windows instead of replacing them using a local carpenter, Reddiseals sash window parts and FSC certified hardwood (Guariuba) to build replacements where the existing had decayed too far. All the windows were fitted with double glazed units low E coated but not argon filled, initial windows had a tiny 6mm cavity as we perfected the way of doing it, this then increased to 9mm or 12mm where space allowed. Original stained glass has been secondary glazed on the inside to avoid condensation, mostly with single glazing but double where space has allowed. All the windows are now fully draft sealed – the sash windows have new parting and staff beads pre-fitted with draft seals. Neoprene O-profiles were routed into the casements, new and existing.

Some of the stained glass needed repairing, which was done by David Sidgwick in Stockport who did a great job.

New Windows

Triple, argon filled,coated glazing units in FSC hardwood double sealed timber frames and a feature frameless oriel window of double, argon filled, coated glazing units.

IMG_2631 smlThe triple glazing units came from Floatglass in Wythenshawe.  The timber came in the same shipment as the bathroom timber and was made up by local joiners.

IMG_2985 smlThe special doubles for the oriel came from Cheadle Glass after Hansen glass tripled the price from their first and second estimates once it came to ordering. They were then sent to Structural Glazing in Telford for gluing.