97% recycled plastic gutters.

Swish have just brought these out, they use recycled plastic for most of the piece but with a think skin of new plastic on top.  So far only the actual gutter and pipe are made this way the rest of the fittings are still new plastic. But overlall this seemed a most resource efficient solution over alternatives like zinc, cast iron or aluminium.


New flooring, eaves and verge boards – FSC certified, UK grown Douglas fir.

This took a while to source, but in the end found from a company called Inwood that grows it to make their laminated timber structural beams with grown on a Sussex plantation.

Paints & Finishes

All the paints and finishes use no fossil fuel products. VOC’s were avoided.

We have tried  a suite of natural paints to make sure that we minimise the toxicity of the internal environment and maximise where necessary the vapour permeability. Floors are finished with Polyx oil in low traffic areas, but we have found it is just not robust enough for heavy traffic so used Danish Oil in high traffic areas and just made sure we ventilated well for a bit.